Get inspired! Suggestions from experts have been added to the Publito application

A new service ‘Suggestions from experts’ has been added to the Publito application. Do you have a topic you would like to talk about or would you like to hear about it from the media? Add your ideas to the app, which will be automatically displayed to registered journalists.

Why write suggestions?

Even journalists often look for topics that would interest readers, listeners and viewers. Some interesting reports can be created on your initiative. The media thus have a chance to get real stories, news from science and technology, successful projects, problems that are looking for solutions or extraordinary destinies. It’s up to you.

Do you know an interesting topic that would interest journalists?

You can add your suggestions by logging in to your profile. In the left part you will find the section – Suggestions for journalists.

Our TIP: Journalists like to welcome specific topics. Get as close to the topic as possible, add your experiences, opinions and observations.

For example: ‘In 2020, honey production in England fell by 40%. In our practice, we observe a decrease in bees and pollinating insects. What is behind this decline? I will be happy to answer these and similar questions concerning English beekeeping.’

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