Home office at Publito

The global pandemic hit our platform Publito too. Under normal circumstances, we would’ve met as a team a long time ago. But at the moment we are all working under the safetiness of our homes. We are communicating and brainstorming regularly online.

What does our team look like now?

This is Hana Brychtová, the one responsible of Plus, she’s a full time mommy! 😃
Our CEO, Jana Beerová, says ‘Hi!’ from her home too.
Our Co-founder and COO, Miroslava Korytková, from Prešov , Slovakia.
In Hungary, the coordinator is Kamilla Strausz.
Justyna Jasaň is the one you contact for the Polish website!
Zsolt Szabo is the one handling the technical part of the project. You can find him at his home in Košice.
And this is me from Romania. I’m also responsible for the English website. 😊
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