5 tips on how to improve your chances of mentioning in the media

One of the best ways to build consumer confidence in a brand is to make a positive mention in the media space. In addition to traditional advertising, there are several ways to communicate with the media. One of the ways is our platform, which offers a journalistic list of experts ready to answer their questions.

At the very beginning of the whole process is a journalist who has an idea of ​​the topics. If he lacks the opinion of an expert, he can address a group of specialists through Create a call out, that automatically travels to the mailboxes of registered users.

How to respond to a statement?

The question you are about to answer has been delivered to your inbox. How to increase your chances?

  1. Completed profile with references

You can also increase your interest in yourself by having a professional profile ready. Fill in all the information, add photos (ideal profile, along with photos from your practice) and references.

OUR TIP: If you haven’t commented on the media yet, it doesn’t matter. Prepare a test report or article with an opinion to add to your references.

  1. Respond quickly and meet deadlines

The work of a journalist is dynamic and fast. Many of our calls have exact dates. You usually have less than 48 hours to respond. Therefore, try to react promptly and within the set deadline.

  1. Be respectful and helpful

Show interest in the report you send to the journalist. Be respectful, patient and willing to answer other questions.

  1. Follow the journalist’s instructions

In the call out, you will often find the exact instruction on what the journalist is expecting – the scope, form and structure of the answer. Follow his instructions and prepare an answer when asked.

  1. Is your answer interesting?

Imagine that many experts respond to the call out. Why should your answer be interesting? If the situation allows, bring the topic as specific as possible. Add interest from your own practice or experience.

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