4 tips for profile photos for the media

We have been living online for a long time. We read and follow news, use social networks, make phone calls, etc. We see a lot of photos that we evaluate. We create an image of people we don’t know.

Photography as the key to building a personal brand

With well-selected photos, you can improve your professional profile or act trustworthy. Invest time and attention with this form of visual communication that can “add a few more points”

  1. Show your face

As the main photo, use the one where you can see the whole face. Profile photography should be simple, unobtrusive and professional.

  1. Natural and simple background

The selected background can also enhance the photo. If you want to be trustworthy, use your natural background in which you are. For example, if you work as an ophthalmologist, prepare photos directly from the outpatient clinic, use the props you have on hand – instruments, reading wall and the like. If you want to look less formal, use a simple background that will not disturb. Don’t forget to choose suitable clothes, ideally contrasting, which will not disappear in the photo.

  1. With or without a smile

Have several types of photos in your profile. A gentle smile will help you look more sympathetic and pleasant. But be careful. A smile doesn’t always fit. We recommend uploading photos with or without a smile. The journalist chooses a photo that fits his article.

  1. What format is appropriate?

Take the opportunity to upload more pictures so that the journalist can choose exactly what he needs. Prepare a photo in both portrait and landscape. A simple profile and a photo from practice. Upload photos in their original high resolution.

Our supertip: Use a professional photographer

If you entrust your visual promotion to professionals, you will get quality material that you can use for several years. Prepare several types of clothes for photography, change the background and try photos with or without a smile. Take a picture of the whole, but also the detail.

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